Designing a Space for You

This past weekend, Shaun and I were able to go down to Milwaukee, WI for some events. While we were down there, we decided to go drive along the lake. In Whitefish Bay, there are these giant mansions along the lake and in near by neighborhoods. As you all know, Shaun and I love doing this for inspiration and motivation to make our lives better.

Driving really inspired us to think about how we want our current, and future houses to look like. Where is another good place for home design inspiration? Ikea. This is my favorite place to give me ideas on how I want our house to look. Shaun and I have been minimalizing as you know, and we want to start having our house be decorated with things that motivate us. Having one bad item in your house, can ruin your flow or energy and make you not as productive.

Currently in our house, there are quite a few things that I want to change, or get rid of. This will allow me to have a clear and peaceful mind while I am in my area. As I am typing this in my office, I can see so many things that bother me, and I just want to change it. These thoughts are ruining my flow with my typing and make me lose my thought process. So, by getting rid of these items, it should allow me to enjoy where I am working and have a constant flow in my typing.

Having these thoughts of what we can do to this house, made us realize that we want our next house to be a place designed by us. Not building one from ground up, but we want a fixer upper house that needs to be remodeled. We can do all of the personal and design choices we want and make it a house that flows with us.

The house we currently have was updated by us, but we did it very cheaply. I am not saying the work was cheap, I am saying we didn’t pay any extra money if we liked the look of something more. Our cabinets are white, because it cost double to get the grey cabinets that I really wanted. We got middle range floors, but they still weren’t the ones I truly wanted. So I am excited to be able to fix up another house, and not have to care how much things cost and pay someone to do it for me.

If you don’t have the money to get all of the expensive fixes, then settle for something that won’t stop your flow. I like the white cabinets, but I don’t love the white cabinets. This first house, was also a good test run for us as well. There are some paint choices I wouldn’t make again, and the flooring color is too dark. But those are things that can be changed down the road, or the next person may like them instead.

All I am trying to say is, make your home a place you want to be at. Make sure all of the rooms are designed for what the function you need them for. Your office should be a place that inspires you to work hard. Your bedroom should be a place for relaxation and peace. The list can go on and on. So, go ahead and make a change to help you out in the long run.

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