A thought that is always running in my head, is how do I keep my motivation going? Since I started college, I always lacked motivation and would often times procrastinate. I blamed it on the material being boring or said I was too busy to do it any sooner. In reality, it was all me. I have the mindset that I lack motivation at all times. That I procrastinate because it is my personality and it is just who I am, but it was all me.

I need to change my identity as a person in order to change my motivation level and stop my procrastination. I have to truly want it, in order to make it come true. If I identify as a hard working, self motivated, non-procrastinator then I will become one. I will still have to work towards getting there, but if my mindset is in the right place, then it will become easier.

Another way to help me change, is by changing the environment that is around me that could be affecting me. I need to identify what in my environment helps me and holds me back, and change the things that hold me back. My biggest hold back is my phone. I have been trying to keep my phone away from me when I plan on doing work, but it is still a work in progress. For the past few days, I have decided to not sleep with my phone next to me. I would lay in bed and play on it for 30-45 mins every night. I noticed that this started to affect my sleep and in made me so tired in the morning.

Another major hold up, is having a messy desk and office. Shaun and I don’t have the biggest office at the moment, and we are excited to upgrade it in the next few months. But, I have plenty of drawers and storage for things that I currently keep on my desk top. I want to start making it a habit to put everything away as soon as it hits my desk, because there is not reason for clutter.

Along with this, I want to start a motivation board with pictures and ideas for things that I want to have in the future. This will remind me why I am doing the work that I am doing. I need to be able to visualize the things I want in my future, instead of trying to remember them in my mind. Shaun and I are constantly adding things to what we want, so it will be good just add notes to a board.

One key thing that is in my life that motivates me everyday to do my best, is Shaun. He wants to see me achieve great things, and pushes me to do them. Him and I do amazing things together, but I think he wants Tutors of Life to be my baby, and it has! I wouldn’t have been able to write one blog a week without him pushing us to start doing it, and for that I am thankful.

Having people around you to support you, is a huge asset. It is so much harder to do your best when no one thinks that you can do it in the first place. Some people (like Shaun) thrive on trying to prove others wrong, but I am not one of those people. I need all of the support and positivity I can get in order to keep going. So find a group of people that will cheer you on, and keep you accountable for whatever it is that you may want to do.

Overall, remember that it is you that is doing it. Change your mindset to fit the mold of the person you want to be. It won’t change over night, but keep pushing yourself to become that. If you believe it, you can do it.

From your Life Tutor


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