Mental Reset

If any of you noticed, Shaun and I did not post our regular blogs last week. We have been trying to go through a mental reset. These past few months have been busy for us, and we needed a week to reset and get back into the swing of things. Shaun and I sat down and reflected on the parts of our lives that are lacking and why we haven’t been as productive as normal. If you listen to our podcast, you would hear a little bit about Shaun’s reasons, and his all starts with eating candy. By being able to pin point where our downfalls are, we have an easier time to get back on track.

My pitfall is when I stop writing in my journal and planner, then my productivity goes down. For the month of March, I only wrote in it 3 days out of 31. That is the worst I have been in a long time. The best way to get back on track is by getting back onto our normal schedule, and making my journal more convenient for me. It was on my desk in my office for the month of March, but now I put it back on my nightstand where I can write in it before bed. Make your habits easy and convenient for you to do. If you want to think of it in a different way, make them a 2 minute habit. For example, instead of writing in my journal, the habit is grabbing my journal. I’m already part way there, so why would I not just finish the habit? If you want to start working out, start with putting on your work out clothes, then you can add driving to the gym, and lastly it can be working out. These steps make it easier to get in the motion of doing the habit and make it seem less overwhelming.

Here is 10 ways to reset your mind from The Blissful Mind.

  1. Get back into a routine
  2. Stay away from social media
  3. Utilize your alone time
  4. Meditate
  5. Exercise more
  6. Read fiction
  7. Write it out
  8. Get more sleep
  9. Listen to music
  10. Ask for help

I love this list because it really encompasses things that help put your mind at ease. By having these things in your life, you are able to live through it without having to think too much about the overall aspect of it. When you have a routine, you don’t have to think about what is next for the day. Being off a social media helps me think clearly and makes it easier to focus on my self-care. All these are good traits that you should adapt into your life to make it a little more stress free.

Sometimes is good to focus on your self-care and not always supporting others around. You can only help people if you yourself is doing well.

From Your Life Tutor


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