The Power of Groups

I belong to a couple groups in our local community. I am a member at our local WiscoREIA (Wisconsin Real Estate Investment Association) and a member of an entrepreneur mastermind. There are other groups I have looked into, like the Chamber of Commerce, young professionals, and BNI. Those seem like good groups but I want to focus on being present in two groups and not overwhelm myself with a slough of groups.

These two groups also align with me the most. My main career focus is real estate investing. It would be foolish of me not to be involved in a REIA. This group has put me on the right path to learning a lot about real estate. In one year of being a part of the group, I got my first rental which was not group home related. At the end of the year, I have acquired or been involved in over 15 real estate transactions. I attribute the REIA as my base knowledge for accomplishing this much. Once I learned or heard of it there, I would go home and continue to research the topics. I would then get a great understanding of the topic, so if I was ever in a situation where I needed to utilize a strategy, I would know exactly what or how to deal with that situation.

Apart from what I have learned while being a part of the group, I have met a bunch of wonderful people. It is a great place to network and make new connections. I have become friends with people in the group, I have done deals or worked with people from WiscoREIA, and I even got my job coaches through there. It has been such a great tool in my development and I am going to continue being a member.

The second group, which I have been a part of for longer is the mastermind. It is a mastermind for entrepreneurs who are newish to business. This group has helped me learn and connect with a lot of different people. We have had speakers come in who have given us a plethora of knowledge. Some of these speakers have changed my thought process on how to operate a company. The value you receive from listening to successful people who have been entrepreneurs for 20+ years is astonishing. Aside from the great speakers we have had, the main part of the group is to mastermind about our businesses.

We have meetings once a month and at every other meeting we discuss certain topics in our businesses and help mastermind some options on how to solve some individuals roadblocks in their businesses. This is the truly fun part of a mastermind. Getting together, breaking into small groups and talking about problems within your business and how to solve them. That is the true value of a mastermind, is bringing individuals together to help solve each others roadblocks and to progress in business together. It is a new group, only been established for a little over 2 years but I believe it has potential.

I think this group could benefit from quarterly mastermind meetings, where we break off into groups and mastermind on individuals businesses for half a day. I think there would be a lot of value in an in-depth analysis on people’s businesses. In between quarterly meetings, we could utilize the Facebook page for questions as they pop up in our business. Lastly, we could implement accountability partners who we check in with once a month to see how they are progressing on the things that we discussed at the last mastermind. Those are some ideas I think that could make the group a little more valuable.

I have met some great people in both groups and I am happy to be a part of them. I look forward to what these groups will continue to offer in the future. I know once I grow to a certain level, I will have to look at progressing up into new groups. The last thing you want, is to be the top of your group for too long, not receiving value, and only giving it. Once you have been in that position for a bit, you need to move up groups, so you can keep growing and chasing the bigger fish in those groups. If you stay at your initial group, you will not be chasing the next thing. You will be compromising and declining in your progression.

Comment what groups you are a part of, I would love to hear.

-Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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