Planning Your Vacation

One of the things that I love about being a millennial is how easy it is to travel and find things to do when you are there. I have been lucky enough to have been able to travel to a couple different countries, but I can not wait to go see more. Every time I go, I always forget the advice I told myself after my last adventure, and I want you be able to benefit from my mistakes.

Plan Ahead!

The major step I always forget to do is to plan out the things I want to do while I am there. Literally, every time I get to a new place I have no clue what I want to go see or how to get to anything. One of my last big trips was to Singapore (which I highly recommend), and it was my second time so I had an idea of what I wanted to go see. One thing I didn’t consider was to go see all of the places on one side of the city at a time. Instead, we would go to different places that were on opposite sides of the city and ended up spending a lot of time on the train or bus. So much time was wasted by travelling since we didn’t plan a route around the city ahead of time.

Other places that I have gone to I just listened to what people said I should go see, and this isn’t always the best choice. I went to Florida last month, and my significant other and I decided we should go to Universal Studios because so many people said it was a blast. Turns out, we hated it! It was too touristy, and the virtual reality rides made us sick (this is a majority of the rides there). The main thing we wanted to see was Harry Potter world, but it was such a disappointment to us (it was cool at first, but I was disappointed when the castle wasn’t a castle you could tour). I’m hoping that it will be cooler if we go again because it has expanded since we went. The issue was there were way too many people and everything was so expensive. We honestly would have rather laid on the beach and found some cool local restaurants to spend our money on but now we know.

Gardens by the bay in Singapore.


I know so many people who say that going on vacation is too expensive, there are cheap ways to have a vacation. Also, you honestly don’t have to go far to have a vacation, going to a different city can be a vacation. I live an hour and a half from the twin cities, and I love just going there for a day, spending the night in a hotel and coming back the next day. It just feels amazing to get out of the city that I am from, and to try some new food places and see some new faces. Just get out of the city for a day and it’ll make you feel so much better!

When you are on your vacation you don’t need to spend a ton of money on food or souvenirs. More than likely there is a hole in the wall place that has cheap and good food. While in Singapore I was able to find fresh food for $3 US dollars, and some of the others that went told me they had to spend $15 on a meal. If I’m going to be on vacation for awhile I like to be able to not blow all of my money on food and use it on experiences (food can be experiences if that is your thing). Consider getting a place with a kitchenette or a real kitchen and make some of your own food.


This is something most people hate but it has to be done. I suggest, one week prior to leaving, start making a list of what to bring and write down what things you use every single day. I personally like to bring an extra pair of undies and socks, but I try to reuse the other clothing items if I can. No one is going to notice or care if you wear the same shorts for 3 days, but maybe don’t wear them 3 days in a row (unless you sweat, then bring extra). This will allow you to make sure you don’t over pack and pay for an extra luggage fee if you are flying. After making a list, start packing! Generally I like to make sure my luggage and carry on are mostly packed a couple days beforehand, and I’ll cross off each item or section as I put it into my suitcase. This way, I will know for sure that it is there and I don’t have to double check. While packing, I highly suggest using the roll method. I have small clothes, but it can still help decrease the amount of space you need. Last, a couple of hours before you leave just make sure you have all your paperwork, ID’s, and money then you are free to go!

  • Pack ahead of time
  • Less is more, if you absolutely need it you can buy it
  • Make a plan of where and when to go there
  • Don’t have to spend a lot of money
  • Enjoy it!

Go out into the world and enjoy it’s beauties. It shouldn’t be stressful on you or your financials. All it needs to be is enjoyment and relaxation. Yes, it can be fun to go see some cool touristy things, but do your research on them to make sure it is what you want to do.

This is the waterfall below seven wells in Langkawi, Malaysia.

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