Focusing On The Big Picture

My brother and I were talking today about feeling useless at work. The past week, him and I have been running around trying to keep the individuals we have working with us busy. We have been looking at more projects, which paid off because we got a property under contract today. We have been doing Menards runs to make sure everyone has the materials they need to keep working. Since we have been doing this, we do not get to do the physical work ourselves all day long. In turn, it makes us feel like we are not accomplishing anything.

However, the key thing him and I talked about, was the big picture. So, yes we feel useless, we feel like we are not getting work done. However, our projects are actually progressing faster than ever. We have our Dad and Beverly working on a property together, they work great together and they get stuff done! Then we have another guy working on another project, hanging drywall, mudding, taping, and painting. He does this faster and at a higher quality than Kyle and I, so makes sense to keep him working. By these individuals staying on the job working, we are able to make more progress than if Kyle and I had to do the work ourselves.

If Kyle and I had to do this all ourselves, which in turn would make us feel like we are accomplishing a lot. We would be having to do these material runs, then get working, then go look at projects, then go back to working. So, we would maybe feel like we are accomplishing a lot because we are actually working with our hands but our progress would be lacking significantly. Instead, we decided to set our egos aside, let it seem/look like we do not do much in order for the projects to progress ten-fold. This is all made possible by us taking a step back and looking at the big picture of things.

I am looking at getting someone on my team to help with office paperwork, cold calling, and lead generation. Once I get that individual, Kyle and I should be able to do more work ourselves, which we would like to do. We are still going to be building our contractor list, so we will still have to keep doing material runs and keep them busy to progress our projects but that is okay. I thoroughly enjoy working with contractors and having a team is the best way to succeed.

Business is a blast! 🙂

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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