Tracking your well-being

How are you doing? Are you progressing in life the way you wanted or expected to? When you have a stressful day at work, do you carry that stress into your personal life? If you have a great day, how do you keep that momentum going and how do you plan to replicate those feelings for more days to come? I think being able to non emotionally evaluate how you are feeling, is a great way to replicate positive or negative results. (We should all be focusing on replicating positive results).

How do you think the normal individual can track how they are doing? Do you think your well-being is trackable? I believe it is a lot easier than people may think, to replicate good days and track your well-being. Remember growing up and you would watch movies and see the girls journaling about their life? Were you one of these people who would journal about your life? I personally was not one of these people when I was younger, however, I have become one of these people in my mid 20s.

Getting your thoughts and reflections on paper, either at the end of the work day, in the evening, or reflecting in the morning are powerful ways to review what happened that day. You can write the things that happened that day, how they influenced you, what you can do to make the next day a positive one. You can write what you are grateful for, what you struggled with throughout the day, and your plans to overcome those struggles. These are some of the things I write about on a daily basis to remind myself, I am in control.

I used to journal in a regular notebook but my buddy John showed me one he started using that has a nice layout. I would write similar topics in my journal but now it has it laid out for me. First it states Reflections, so I reflect on my day, and write down the pertinent things onto the paper. Next, it has Blessings, so, I think about all the things I am blessed with that day. Next, it has Struggles, I think of the current struggles I am having that day or struggles that are reoccurring. Lastly, it has Goals, here I write down some goals I have, usually short term. The goals I usually write, help to solve the struggles I have been having. This layout is a good way for me to get the things out of my mind and onto paper from the days events.

I will write other stuff in a journal that does not fall into the 4 categories in my Mindful As Fuck Journal. Ill write in another journal or on stray pieces of paper as needed, whenever I have thoughts I want to get out. By doing this, it helps me get it out of my head, so I am not revisiting the topic as much. It clears my thinking for other things I may experience throughout my day. If I want to revisit the thought, I can find it in my notes and read what I had to write about it before. It is fun to see what your past self had to say about a topic you may be revisiting again.

Journaling is a phenomenal way to be more productive and keep yourself balanced. I highly recommend it to individuals looking to better themselves.

Try journaling today and see what you are able to get out of your head and onto paper.

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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