Having a Support System

The power of having a support system is immeasurable. Having friends, family, colleagues to fall back on, when things get tough, is a powerful thing to have. No matter who you are, you will have set backs or let downs in life. Navigating these times are easier with a support system. Having individuals who believe in you and encourage you to keep going is detrimental to your success and livelihood.

I like to think of a support system as a good pair of running shoes. Say you have an old pair of shoes, not much support for your feet and you decide to go for a long run on them. By the time you are done with the run, you may have some blisters, your feet may hurt a bit, you may have some shin splints, tight hips, twinge in knees, etc. Then you do your stretching, cool down, and go home and rest. There was some pain after the run, with little support, now the real question is, how much pain will there be the next couple days. Most likely, it will be more painful the few days following, then it was immediately following the run. This is because you are feeling the compounded effect of minimal support.

Now, lets say you have a good pair of running shoes with optimal support. You go for your run. Afterwards, you may have some lactic acid, your feet may hurt a bit, might have a twinge in your knee, etc. You will most likely have pain as when you ran with no support, however, it should be drastically less. You perform your stretching and cool down to help with recovery. Then the next few days you will have a little soreness but not pain in your joints, etc. This soreness is you learning, the soreness is what helps you grow. Your support allows you to not have pain, which would prevent you from running again tomorrow. The soreness reminds you of what you did and how to improve. With the support or your shoes, you are able to do it again.

This is a similar concept to having a support system. Initially you will feel pain or discomfort, that is expected but depending on your support system can depend on your immediate pain/lactic acid. Then depending on how well your shoes were or in this case, having a well built up support system, will allow you to recover much faster. All it may be is a little soreness, reminding you of the run or the learning experience. Your support will get you through it easy and you will go on to run again the next day. If on the other hand, you had bad shoes, with little support, you may not be able to run for weeks. You may be in so much pain, you do not ever want to run again. Similarly, if you lack a support team, you may never learn and recover to fight another day.

I am thankful to have a wonderful support team of friends, family, and work professionals around me. These individuals help me persevere when the going gets tough. They also help me celebrate my victories and enjoy the little moments.

Look around you, who do you consider to be in your support team. Are they good advocates or do you need to add some more people to your team? Also, think about who you can help around you.

Keep persevering and serving others.

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor

P.S. I just bought a new pair of running shoes, with good support 😉

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