Book Review: “Girl, Stop Apologizing”

Today, I finished “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis. I read her first book awhile ago and LOVED it. Her first book was the first personal growth book that I ever read, so I have a soft spot for Rachel in my heart. No offense to men, BUT it was super nice to read a book for women by a woman (don’t worry men, you can read this one too.)

My favorite part about this book, was how she organized it. The order of chapters were so smooth, and really made it so you can connect all of the dots easily. Rachel starts off by going through excuses to let go of. THIS is something I love, I have had almost every single one of those excuses go through my head at some point in time. It just felt so good to hear from someone successful that has had the same thoughts go through her head. She uses real examples throughout the entire book, which allows readers to connect to it.

The next section is behaviors to adopt. Some of these behaviors are ones that I have already adopted, but there were a few that I have never even considered. The first one, is to stop asking permission. I never realized I did that until I read her chapter on it. I don’t know why it is a thing that I do, but I do it all the time. For some reason, I feel inclined to ask for Shaun’s permission whenever I want to do something. Definitely, talk to your partner about if there are plans for that day, but you don’t need treat them as if they are your king and what they say goes.

The last section is skills to acquire. These are things that I have heard from many inspirational people, but the way she phrases them makes them so much easier to relate to. Finishing the book today, made me fired up and just want to go out there and accomplish something.

She does a good job on not making all about women as well. I believe any person can read this book and get something out of it. Rachel has some good advice to help people achieve their goals.

The next book that I am reading is “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. I am hoping to get something useful out of this book to keep pushing me towards my goals!

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