Marathon Training Updated

The ultramarathon training has been put on hold due to my body not being able to hold up to the stress. I probably started out wrong by running 8 miles my first time out but it sounded like fun. After the first run, I got some blisters on my feet and had some bad ankle and foot pain. I gave it a week to rest and went out for another 7 mile run the following week. This may have been an instant mistake. This put my ankle and foot overboard. My blisters were twice as bad, no surprise there. My ankle and foot hurt so bad, I could not stand on them and had to use crutches for the next 3 days.

Moral of the training, I think I started out with too far of a run. I have been taking time to recover, went to see a physical therapist, and got some dry needling done. The pain in my foot, according to the physical therapist, is the most common spot to get stress fractures, which would make sense. My ankle issues are due to my calves and feet being too tight and pulling on my achilleas around my ankle. So, the PT gave me some stretches and exercises to work on to get my feet and calves loosened up. I will be working on getting them loosened up, so I can run the Whistle stop half marathon in the first weekend of October. I also, should get new shoes, since the ones I was using, I do not believe are high quality.

The plan is to keep running, learn how to navigate and keep my body loose and functioning. By doing so, I will be in good shape to be able to run when I want to run. Once I figure this out, I will schedule a marathon or ultramarathon and go the 26.2 or more mile run. It has been a goal of mine to run a marathon for a long time and I will conquer it, I just want to make sure it does not hinder me from performing everyday tasks and being able to work.

I am currently trying to set up a good schedule where I set aside time every week to make sure I am getting my strength training in and allotting multiple days a week to running. I want to make sure this is all planned into my day, so it will be a priority and I will accomplish it. This is one of the most important things to me, is having a set schedule with my life structured. As long as my life is structured, it allows me to accomplish so many things. If my life is unstructured, I start to falter and things become difficult for me to stay on track and complete. I will update everyone with my schedule when I get it made.

Go conquer the day!

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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