As an entrepreneur I have had to do a lot of delegation throughout the years. I have a business partner, so from the get go, we have been delegating tasks to each other. As our business grew, we had to hire employees and delegate tasks to keep growing. Our main business is our assisted living company. We have multiple group homes with 24/7 care and in home care with 24/7 on-call. It would have been impossible for my business partner and I to grow past one group home if we were not willing to delegate.

Delegating the day to day supervision of our clients was the easy part. It allowed us to focus on management and administration tasks to grow our business. This allowed us to expand quite rapidly in 4 years of business. Within the last year, we have started delegating our management and administration tasks to continue to grow. We hired Sam to put systems into place, get our houses set up with house managers, and then appointed her as regional manager. This then allowed us to have a hierarchy, caregivers/line employees – house managers – regional manager – owners. This freed up my partner’s and my time to step back and look at the company and where we want it to go.

Sam later left the company and we added a new regional manager Cody. The majority of the system was in place, so it was a pretty smooth transition. Recently we added a virtual assistant to pass off a lot of our administration work. This has been a great help and we are continuing to get her more work as we have it. Lastly, this past week we hired a maintenance man (my brother) to start doing maintenance on our group homes and to help do carpentry for our flipping business.

I am happy to have my brother work with us and our VA. All of these individuals we have hired over the years, help us grow our businesses and reach a bigger goal. With every new employee we hire, we have to spend extra time training them in. This can be a little frustrating at first because you may be short on time or you have done these tasks for years and it is second nature to you but now you have to teach someone with less knowledge in the field than you. This part however, is very crucial, you need to slow do, be patient, and work with the individual you are training in. The better you train them in and the more time you spend with them at first, the higher quality their work will be moving forward. This then makes your companies run smoother and allows you to free up more of your time for the tasks you should be focusing on.

Entrepreneurship is a constant flow of learning and adapting. Trying things here and there, reviewing how they worked, and repeating to find the right things to do. It is hard enough to think about vision, growth, goals, offerings of your company, and overseeing your team. So, make it easier on yourself, pass off the tasks you are not best at and focus on doing what you do best, to grow your company. Even if that means hiring someone to help with vision, growth, goals, management, etc. Not every entrepreneur has the same skill set. So, focus on what you are best at and build a team around you, to help grow your company. This will allow your business to run at an optimal level and continue to grow.

If you are an entrepreneur or a high performer and you can add staff, an assistant, or virtual assistant, I recommend doing it to free up more time, so you can focus on what you do best. Training them in will take up time at first but once they are trained in, your capacity will increase, allowing your business to grow.

Your life tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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