Be Present

When I say be present, I mean living in the moment. Actually, hanging out with others and not thinking or worrying about the past, present or future. Just enjoying what you are experiencing in that moment. This is a common phrase now-a-days, and to blame are all of our distractions in life.

One of the main issues with people not being able to be present is they are on their phones, constantly. Instead of participating in what is happening around you, insread you are on social media reading about other people’s lives. Some of these people might be people you haven’t talked to in 10 years. This just makes us numb to the feelings that we could be having by being present.

Here are 12 ideas for being more present:

  1. Celebrate the tiny joys
  2. Identify the moment
  3. Make mindfullness a practice
  4. Listen with intending to respond
  5. Be okay with not knowing all of the answers
  6. Listen to your body
  7. Feel your feelings
  8. Reduce distractions
  9. Savor your rituals
  10. Find balance between flowing and planning
  11. Reflect on your day
  12. Get away from the digital world

In the past few months, I have started to not bring my phone out while I’m hanging out with friends or family. When I have, I miss out on the little things. Like watching my nephews play and grow up, or the inside jokes that come up when I wasn’t paying attention. When I look back on my life, I wish I would have spent not just more time with my family, but a better quality of time with them. There are so many moments that I will never get back, and if I just appreciate the time I get more, I will have so many more memories with the people I love.

Some other good points from this list, is being present helps you feel better as well. When we are trapped by social media doesn’t make anyone happier, it scares us and makes us worry more. Instead, we should be paying attention to what is happening in our own lives, and reflecting on how we can make it better. By focusing on our own lives and appreciating the joys we have, we will become so much more free and happy.

Lastly, listen to your body and mind. If you pay attention to your feelings and thoughts, you can discover more of what you need and want in life. Then, you use those thoughts to push yourself to get your goals and dreams. When I don’t listen to my body, I can tell I’m not as happy and my body doesn’t feel good. I have to push myself to get back to the present, and to enjoy life and take care of myself.

By being present, you are allowing yourself to being free to what life has to offer.

From your Life Tutor


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