Driving for Inspiration

One of my favorite things to do, no matter where I am, is look at the nice fancy houses in the high end neighborhoods. It is sometimes crazy to fathom that your everyday, normal person, lives in one of those mansions. At first it doesn’t seem fair, why do they get such a nice house? Maybe they inherited money, maybe they got lucky and came into cash, maybe they are a doctor, a lawyer, or maybe they are a business owner. Whatever their circumstance may be, they are reaping the rewards of it and living in a beautiful house!

I do not have any statistics behind this but I would imagine, the majority of the people living in these homes, got their by perseverance and hard work. There will always be the individuals who get things passed down to them and good for them for having a hard working family ahead of them to allot such nice amenities in their life. I however am not concerned about those individuals, my concern when I see these houses, is, how did the average person, who started with little, acquire enough riches to afford such homes. If they did it, so can you and so can I!

This thought fills me with emotion and allots me the fuel to keep pushing forward. I strive to someday attain these levels where I can afford luxuries and nice homes. It is not because I am greedy or care about superficial items but because I know if I make it to those heights, I will be a stronger person than I have ever been before. I know in order to reach those levels, I will have to overcome many obstacles, making me become the type of person I am capable of becoming.

There would be nothing worse to me then knowing, I could have done more, I could have helped more people, I could have had more experiences with the ones I love, just to take the easy road out. So, I drive through these neighborhoods, I look at these mansions, and I picture myself living in them. I do this quite often and I do it to remind myself, of the person I can and WILL be!

Take an afternoon and drive around some neighborhoods you would love to live in. Then picture yourself living there, what would you give, what would you be willing to do, to make that a reality. Anyone is capable of it, why not let that person be yourself?

Your life tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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