A lot of people just want to be happy in life. If I just get my college degree, I will be happy. Once I am married and have kids, I will be happy. Once I get my dream job, I will be happy. Once I make a certain amount of money, I will be happy…. and so on, there is an endless supply of excuses for why someone is not happy right now but they will be in the future. These are all misconceptions, if you are unable to find happiness in your current situation, you will not be able to find happiness in better situations down the road.

I believe anyone who has a true desire to be happy can accomplish it. The first thing they will need to have is a desire to be happy. Without a desire to do anything, you are not betting on odds, you are betting on luck. Desire is like having a job or working, you do it everyday and you make money to survive, it takes repetition to continue to make money and survive. Without desire, it is like you do not have a job, you buy 1 lottery ticket a week and hope to win the lottery. You are betting on chance, instead of taking ownership and making things happen on your own.

Once you have a desire to be happy, think about it everyday, and remind yourself that happiness is your true desire. Now we have desire, we can add in goals to prove to ourselves, we can accomplish things and be happy. Start setting goals of the things that will make you happier, not things that will make you happy, because you are already in the mindset to be happy, but things which can bring you more happiness. One goal could be, happiness now, and happier in the future. Once you write out a list of goals you would like to accomplish, which you believe will continue to bring you happiness and joy, make a plan to start reaching these goals.

Once you have a plan, start tracking your progress. This is where happiness in the process comes into play. By setting goals, you are working towards something bigger and better than your current situation. Since you have a desire to be happy, you are able to work the process and be happy along the way. You need to enjoy the work you put in to continue to better yourself. You will be happy with yourself for working hard towards something and you will be even happier in the future when you accomplish it. By doing this, you are using a triple edge sword of happiness, you receive happiness before, during, and after you accomplish your goals.

There are many other feelings people may be in search of, such as self worth, belonging, duty, attainment, wealth, and many more. These I believe all tie into happiness but lets start with one thing at a time. If we learn to be happy, we can add these other feelings into the pot to bring us more happiness throughout our journey. Happiness is one thing I have everyday and I know even though I am happy now, I will be even happier next year, and the year after. Happiness is something I truly desire, so I attain it daily.

Happiness is attainable for anyone, all you need to do is change your mindset to allow you to be happy, then it will come to fruition.

Your life tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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