Finding Your Strengths

Being an entrepreneur and starting your own business is a hard thing to do. But as you go along and you start adding people, you can start focusing on your strengths in your business. When you start a business you usually have to do everything at first, but once you are able to fill positions. You can start to hand off the things you aren’t good at. Every person has some things that they are good at and other things they aren’t as good at.

Shaun and I have had the pleasure to be able to work on his previous business together. I loved it, we both know our strengths and we would hand off the tasks that we know we aren’t good at. Shaun had a business partner as well, so he had his strengths and weaknesses for us to play off of too. It was much easier with the more people added to give people tasks that matched their strengths. It doesn’t take long to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are, or if you don’t know the people around you will know and can help.

I started working for Shaun and his business partner because I would see Shaun working on his stuff and I couldn’t handle watching it anymore. They were unorganized, nothing was in detail and they had no systems at all. A position opened, so I decided to join the team and help them out as quickly as possible. It didn’t take long for me to put some systems into place and with the help of the owners, we were able to put all of them across the company. I was much better at being in the office and doing all of the office work compared to working in the houses with the clients and case managers. The owners, were much better at that and we hired people that fit those positions as well. With my position, I still had to go to work with the clients, but it pushed me to do my job better and understand what I needed to do in the office to help out the houses.

Once you start having employees you will be able to notice in the first three months if they fit in that position or your company. You may have one of the best workers, but if you don’t have them in the right place playing up their strengths then they will not succeed. You have to figure out what they are good at doing and help them grow in that position. Being able to figure this out can improve your company immensely and make your people happy to work for you. Be mindful and ask your employees how they feel working for you and if there is something they would rather do. You never know what kind of secret talent an employee may have that could help your business out.

From Your Life Tutor


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