The Month Of Preparation

In previous blogs, I have mentioned that there are a many things that I would like to get done by the beginning of the year. I hate the idea that you have to start new things on the first of the year. It is a good point of reference, but it just makes it so easy for us to keep pushing it off. So this year, I decided that December was going to be a trial run so to speak.

I decided to start preparing now to ensure that the beginning of the year and the the start to our first 12 week year is a success. There are some routines that I want to pick up to make my goals easier for me to achieve and there is no better time than now to start. I like the idea of having a preparation month, because I don’t have to get too upset if I miss a day. I’m trying to develop these routines now, so come January there shouldn’t be a problem or any missed days.

The end of the year push is a good jump start to motivation, so I am hoping that if I push hard this month, I will keep pushing next month. I haven’t been unmotivated at all, I have been procrastinating some important things. Some of those things are my vision. Shaun has done his, and most of the things I am drawn to as well. But I need to have my own as well, so every week I am slowly working on one step of it, which should mean it is done by the end of the year.

Here are some routines and habits I have been working on to prepare myself for the new year.

  • Keeping my desk clean and organized
  • Writing in my journal
  • Making to-do lists
  • Scheduling my time out

These sound like very simple things, and they are! I just for some reason have had a hard time executing these things. My main goal is once these routines are in place, I can get ahead on my work and stop procrastinating as much. Now, I need Shaun to be on the same page as me with the podcast, so I don’t have to edit that the night before we post it.

I’m hoping this month will really push me for a successful January and then I can add some more routines.

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