Self Reflection

The calendar says the year is coming to an end, but I have to be honest it still feels like August to me. As I look back on the year and think toward the next, I like to think of the person I am and who I want to be. I have a couple of personal things that I would like to finish before the year is done to help me improve next year.

The main thing I want to finish this year, is my vision. Shaun gave me a wonderful step guide that he got from his business coaches. I am part way through it, but need to finish the rest of the steps in order to have my complete vision. These tasks are probably one of the hardest things for me to do, because I used to be such a go with the flow type of person until I met Shaun. He has always been a proactive thinker and likes to have in depth visions for what he wants. It has been challenging and hard for me at times, but we cannot improve if we don’t feel uncomfortable at times.

As another years comes to a close, I have been able to figure out more parts of myself. Some of the traits I have, I have finally accepted them and am happy with that. The other parts are things I know I can change if all I did was try a little. One of the traits that I know I have and have wanted to change forever, is procrastination. I have written a blog on improving it too! But here I am, still procrastinating, we all are human. This is definitely one of the biggest things I have wanted to work on, but I obviously don’t care enough because I haven’t fixed it yet. So, I’ll keep updating sporadically if it has gotten any better.

This fall, I have been making myself little goals to see if I can accomplish them. I want to gain that confidence that I know I can do whatever I put my mind to. Some of the goals are going well, the others I need to start planning when I will work on them and just do it. I haven’t been bad at accomplishing goals in the past, but I like to give up on things easily. So, right now I am trying to get at least a 75% on my goals, in hopes that the little win will give me a boost to try harder.

My last important part about my self reflection this year, is that I need to stay in my lane more. I get too caught up in other people’s drama and lives that it is taking away from mine. If someone starts complaining to me, then I complain back but I never know why I am doing it. So I want to start caring more about me and not feeding into other people. The other part that I don’t do often, but want to cut out completely is talking poorly about others. I may still do it with Shaun on occasion, but other people don’t need to know my opinion on other people. Plus, in the past I have had it backfire on me so many times. If I just didn’t do it at all, then I would never had put myself into those situations. We need more positivity in this world in general, so I can keep the negative opinions to myself.

Those are the things I feel like I can fix by the end of the year or focus on for next year. It is good to look back on your successes and failures for the year and see how you can improve for the following one. Life only gets shorter as we go on, so we might as well have our best selves be present for the majority of it.

As always,
Keep pushing.

From Your Life Tutor,


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