As you all know, Shaun and I are getting married. Hopefully. We are just under 7 months out, and we don’t have anything planned. Last night, we sat at the computer and looked at ceremony sites for 4 hours, and found 2 acceptable places. I don’t want to be doing that every night, so I wanted to learn how to plan effectively.

I know our first issue is our idea of what we want to have is not achievable. We were really hoping to get a big enough house to rent out to have the reception at after the wedding. Our main issue, is that we have too many people coming in order to do that. So remember to keep your expectations as realistic as possible. Honestly, it took a quick google search to find out that what we wanted was not a thing and could not be done. The one thing, that Shaun and I know we want from our day is to have fun and enjoy it.

We plan on having a destination wedding, which is a easy way to lower the amount of guests you have. more guests = more money. Luckily, we are planning the wedding, so it can be like a vacation for everyone instead of just a wedding. With this, we are going to be able to save money on our reception. We don’t want to have a long night of weird traditional dances, we just want to be able to hang out with the people that come and have fun doing what we want afterwards.

So here are 15 wedding tips from Wedding Ideas
1. Start planning early
2. Nail the budget
3. Helping hands
4. Be selective with the guest list
5. Long distance venues (plan accordingly if it is further)
6. Make sure you have a Plan B
7. Pick your best girls
8. Pick the best photographer
9. Get the menu right
10. Feel fabulous, but don’t over do it
11. Don’t fall for common beauty mishaps
12. Give your groom his own responsibilities
13. Make the little details personal
14. Lists, lists and more lists
15. Don’t forget what is important

So obviously, Shaun and I are behind on the early part of this wedding. We had a whole wedding planned back in January, but the plans fell through and we were too exhausted to try and plan another one. Hence, the procrastination. Now, we are back on the right mindset and ready to get after it. We have made some changes to what we want since then, so hopefully it will be easier round 2.

One of the items on this list that I do not agree with is the food. I can honestly say I don’t remember which weddings I have gone to that I remember if the food was good or not. In the article, they talk about how everyone talks about the food. I call bullshit on this. Shaun and I have discussed setting up a reservation for a restaurant to go to for our reception, or just ordering pizza if we get a mansion to stay in. Food is one of the most expensive things and to me it is the least memorable.

Now that I have an idea of some good tips to plan a wedding, we will see how quickly we can get this thing planned and then not have to worry about it for the next 6 months. We will keep you posted on what is happening

Stay positive!
From your life Tutor


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