Be Supportive

If you haven’t listened to our podcast, check it out on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, castbox and search Tutors of Life. On our podcast we have been talking about Shaun has been challenging himself with some physical features lately. The first one was a weightlifting meet, which he hasn’t trained for in 5 years. The next one is a 50k woods run coming up in October. One of the things I have gotten asked the most was how do I feel about it? I always say that I will support him in whatever he decides to do in life.

I have said this many times and I will repeat it many more. IF YOU AREN’T BEST FRIENDS WITH YOU SO, THEN WHY ARE YOU MARRYING THEM! Shaun is my best friend, and I want to do everything with him. I tell him everything that is going on, I don’t keep secrets from him. So, if he decides he wants to do these things, then I will be by his side in whatever form he needs me in.

For his weightlifting meet, I decided to practice with him. I haven’t done it much, but I know what his lifts should look like. I would always cheer him on, tell him when he was off, but most importantly I was there to make sure he took it easy on his light training days. One thing that I know about men is that they love to show off. So there were days that I had to remind him what was planned and to not go over board with it. In between workouts, I would massage him in his tight areas to make sure they wouldn’t affect him by the time it got to the meet. It’s not most fun in the world, but I wanted to make sure he could do his best work. On the day of the meet, I made sure to record all of his lifts and just be there for him. He is one lucky guy though, because I think he had the biggest cheering squad out of everyone. At the end of it, I was so excited to get the anxiety of that meet of my chest.

Now, the following day Shaun decided to start his 50k training session. He had been doing his research and new he would take the first practice slow. He ended up running 8 miles and got a huge blister on his foot. So I made sure he wouldn’t have to do too much walking at home. He bandaged it up and hoped for the best. From then on, I have been just trying to help him with whatever body fixes he may need. These could be massaging his legs, pushing him around the store so he doesn’t have to walk, or putting icy hot on his body. Otherwise, I just try to make sure he gets in a couple regular workouts in during the week, so he isn’t only running.

So long story short, I may or may not think these are the best ideas he has, but if I know he can do it then I will be there by his side supporting him. He has done the same for me in the past as well. That is what a best friend should do.

Stay supportive
From Your Life Tutor

I will never stop being by your side.

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