Being Uncomfortable

Business and success tends to be bouts of being uncomfortable. You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations to grow as both a business and as an individual. The more you do these uncomfortable things, the better you become at being uncomfortable. This week, we had the opportunity to be uncomfortable.

We heard of a job fair at the beginning of the week. We called the coordinator on Tuesday to see if we could participate on Wednesday. They approved a spot for us, so we were able to attend. We have never done a stand at job fairs before, only been attendants to them. So, I knew we needed a sign of some sorts, Ryan recommended a table, Cody did a write up on the positions we need, and one of our house managers Payton made an application for us. On Wednesday morning, we started getting these things ready for the fair at 1pm. On the way, we stopped to grab some lunch and grabbed cookies and scotcheroos to have at our stand.

When we pulled up to the job fair, it was quite overwhelming. Most people had table clothes with their logos, canopies over their stands, chairs, brochures, big billboard signs, banners, etc. We had a bare table, a little sign that kept blowing away in the wind, some cookies, and 2 piles of papers. Once we saw this, Cody and I did not want to go, but Ryan said we had to try it out. So, we set up as the most unprofessional table there lol.

Cody and I at the job fair (Ryan taking photo)

It was pretty uncomfortable for the first half hour, but then we started getting traffic. As the afternoon progressed we received quite a bit of interest in our company. 1 individual said we were the best stand and most genuine guys there. A couple said they were very excited we were there and would be reaching out about the job later this week. By the end of the job fair, we had the first individual who stopped at our stand, call with his application filled out asking where to drop it off because he was very interested in a position.

Overall, it was a great success! We had a lot of action at our stand and we believe we will get a few quality employees from it. We plan to start doing more job fairs and getting a table cloth to make our stand look a little more professional but not too much lol. Now I get to write my eulogy as part of my vision planning. Time for more uncomfortableness.

Go out and be uncomfortable,

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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