12 Week Goals

With 2021 here, I find it very difficult to do yearly goals. Things change so much in 52 weeks and goals you made in January might not be applicable in December. Recently, I was listening to the Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast and they had a guest on by the name of Brian Moran. He is the author of “The 12 Week Year” a book about goal setting in 12 week increments, with 1 week in between 12 week cycles, to set and plan goals.

I have not read the book yet, but listened to the podcast about it and ordered the book to read in the future. Starting in 2021, I want to implement the 12 week year plan. I have set my two goals, one personal and one business. I will of course do other things in the 12 weeks but these will be my two main focuses. I chose two because they mentioned in the podcast, 1 goal is better than 2, and 2 goals is better than 3. They said a really good compromise is one personal goal and one business goal. This is so you will focus on a finite amount of goals, you will break them down into weekly tasks, which will allow you to reach your 12 week goals. They said if you have too many goals, you will not be able to prioritize them, which can cause you to not accomplish any of them.

My two goals are:
Personal Goal: Have our wedding planned
Business Goal: Have Stable Living’s Systems complete to introduce a VA

Sam’s goals are:
Personal: Having our wedding planned
Business: Getting this blog and my personal blog up and running well

Structure: The goals listed above are our main goals which will guide our weekly tasks. We will break down the main goals into weekly projects/tasks. This will allow us to stay on track to complete the goals. We will have the projects listed, with the tasks to complete the project, and who we will need to accomplish each task. We will review our tasks on Sunday to make sure we completed them for the week prior. Once the 12 weeks are up, we will spend the next week reviewing our prior 12 week goals and setting new 12 week goals. The 13th week is designed to let yourself celebrate and reward yourself for completing the goals and preparing for the next 12 weeks. You can reward yourself by whatever you seem fit to do so. We aren’t sure how we are going to reward ourselves, but we will keep you updated when we know.

I am excited to try this plan for the next 12 weeks, I like the idea of controlling a 12 week window instead of a 52 week window.

Sam and I will be starting our 12 weeks on January 3rd. Our first goal will have to be completed on the 10th. We will be posting extra on Sundays for you all to see how we are doing on our goals.

I will be reading the book throughout the next couple of months and will include important information in our weekly updates.

Remember, in order to plan and set goals, you need a VISION. Think of your vision and purpose, then plan your goals to reach your vision. Your goals and tasks should bring you closer to your vision.

Have a Happy New Year and Happy Planning!

Your life Tutor

Shaun Tutor and Sam Zimmerman


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