1st-12 Week Goal

Today is January 10th, and we made it through our first week of our goals! Shaun and I will both be typing out what are goals were, and how or if we accomplished it. If you haven’t read our post from Thursday called “12 Week Goals”, go read that first, to understand what we are doing a little more. In these weekly posts both of us will be typing our sections, so black is for us, blue is Sam and green is Shaun.

Our personal goal: Plan our Wedding
This week our goal was to decide if we wanted a wedding planner and pick one out if we did, and to decide where our wedding will be.

The first responsibility that we needed to take care of was the location. We knew we wanted it on the Emerald Coast, and found a place called Destin. This city has plenty of vacation rentals and tons of beaches. We want the ceremony on the beach, and then the reception at a vacation home. So we needed a house that had enough space to host 100 or so guests.

From there, I was able to research wedding planning companies in Destin, that could help us if we felt we needed it. I sent Shaun a list of places to call, he had our list of needs and what we were looking for. The next day, he called one place and they told us there was only one wedding planner that did what we wanted and a website for a company that allows weddings at their vacation rentals.

He started by calling the rental company which was called beach reunion. They recommended a section of houses that they thought would work well with our wedding plans. They said once we book our vacation rental, we would then get help from one of their concierges on everything we would need for the wedding. Shaun asked them for a recommendation on a wedding planner and they referred him to the same one the other company referred.

His second phone call was to the wedding planner and she gave us a less than desirable quote on how much she would cost with all of the services. Shaun and I sat down and wrote all of the things we would need a vendor for the wedding, and decided we can do it on our own. The bonus with the rental company, is that they refer vendors that are good in the area, so they do most of the work a wedding planner would do for us.

Sam’s business goal: Get Websites up and Running
For the first week, I just wanted to get the website organized in a way, that will make the future easier for us. I have my own personal website that I will share in the future once I know more of where I want to go with it.

If you haven’t noticed, you can now click on the headers for the different sections we have and it will take you to all of the blogs that are in that category. Down the road, I will tweak the main page, to look more professional. For right now, I am very happy with the layout, and the ease for readers to see all of the posts on the topic they are interested in.

Shaun’s business goal: Have Stable Living’s Systems complete to introduce a VA

The first week plan was to divide up our work for the next 12 weeks and write out my 12 week task list. Cody and Ryan are writing the majority of the how-to’s for all of our systems. I am in charge of reviewing all of the how-to’s and learning the CRM (Customer Relation Management) system. I broke down my 12 weeks to review 4 systems a week. Along with the 4 systems a week, I am learning how to operate the CRM, then uploading all of our reoccurring systems into the program. I have to spend 4 hours working on the CRM a week.

How the first week went: Completed splitting up all of our tasks. I spent my 4 hours, maybe a little more, learning the CRM, and I filled out my 12 week tasks. I will be starting my reviews on the how-to’s this upcoming week.

From your life Tutors
-Shaun and Sam


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