Sam is going to be a Tutor!

Sam is finally going to be a Tutor! It is still going to be a year or so but we are now engaged 🙂

Picking out the ring

Sam made an engagement ring Pinterest board for me about 2 years ago (it took me a little while to get the hint). One day I was hanging out with my friend Mitch and I decided to quit procrastinating and go look at rings. So, we went to Rogers and Hollands to check out engagement rings. Since, I had the Pinterest board already, we were able to narrow it down to a couple options with the help of the store manager there. I decided to go with an opal cut, mined diamond, with a white gold band. It took a few weeks to get the ring in. Once I had the ring, I just wanted to propose. So, I started thinking of what I could do.


Sam and I booked a trip to Hawaii for the middle of April 2021. I knew she would be expecting me to propose there and I knew she wanted a surprise, so I did not like that option. After thinking about it for a while, I decided I was going to do it when we went to visit our friends Cory and Sarah in Green Bay around the 14th of November. We planned to do some brewery tours, which Sam loves and I thought that would be a great time and no one would expect it. Friday morning before heading down there, I developed a head cold and with everything going on, we did not want to take the risk of going. So, I had to change my plans, since I already planned to propose that weekend. I decided to take the dogs on a Dog walk through some hiking trails in Eau Claire with Sam that Saturday. Once we got to the top of the trail over looking Eau Claire, I got down on one Knee and asked Sam to marry me.

She said Yes!

She was very surprised and said she was expecting me to propose in Hawaii, so the surprise part worked. Then within a minute of her saying yes, she started asking me wedding questions. I was not prepared for this part, I thought once I asked the question, all the work of planning would be done. Then Sam promptly reminded me that we get to plan a wedding now. We have made some plans but we are still looking for a place to have the wedding (since we have always wanted to do a destination wedding). It is going to be a long process but I am excited to do it with her. 🙂

Your life Tutor
-Shaun Tutor


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