Should YOU Get Coaching?

It seems as if everybody and their brother has a coaching program now. Almost anyone you look for in the business realm or personal development has a coaching program. I think coaching has turned into less of a necessity and more of a shiny object. How many of us really need coaching right now? What stage of your life are you in and how will coaching impact you?

The next question is, can you get the information for free or a lot cheaper than a coach? Unless you have or are striving to take your company from an eight figure a year business to a nine figure a year business. Everything you need to know to grow a multi-million dollar company or develop yourself into a more disciplined person, can be found online or in books for free. All you have to do is put forth a little bit of effort to find it and learn it.

I will say, going to speaking events is good to learn things you may not have considered before. Such as people to follow to consume their free content. Different tactics and tips people use in business and life to progress themselves, which you have never considered before. Then take what you learned, go home, continue to develop by researching that information more, and most importantly, start implementing!

Between all the free content out there on how to develop yourself better or grow a company, with some discipline and hard work, you can progress significantly without joining a coaching program. I do think it is good to add an accountability partner. I have one myself, him and I grab coffee every other month to discuss what we have accomplished since our last meeting and what we want to accomplish before our next meeting. We also have our broader 1 year and 3 year visions we are striving towards. By having an accountability partner, you are ensuring you accomplish the tasks you set for yourself because you have someone holding you to a higher standard and expectation.

With these tactics, you can progress significantly, without paying someone coaching. Especially when you know most of the information being taught to you and you are really paying for an accountability person. Instead you can use a peer and both benefit.

Try not to fall into shiny object syndrome and follow the herd. Put in the work and distinguish yourself from others.

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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