Keeping Track of Books

Shaun and I talk quite often about books. We both enjoy reading books for fun and for learning. Over the past few years, I have read so many books. But I want a creative and fun way to keep track of all of the books I read in a year. I tried writing them in my journal, but I always forget about it because it is not something that I look at often enough. So lets see if we can find some fun ways to keep track of them on Pinterest today. Side note: I am not the most creative person, and don’t do well with things that take a long time to hand draw.

This design is neat and simple. I feel like it is something that wouldn’t take me too long to draw out. Especially since I do have a ton of stencils that could assist me with quite a bit. I like the idea of having it in my journal since I do write in it almost every day, but I am wondering if a print out would be easier. I could have it next to my computer, so when I am working I can see my progress for the year.

Here is a very easy and simple and easy print out that wouldn’t take me long to fill out. I like that I can put how long it took me to read the book and what my rating is. There are some books that as of right now I’m pretty sure I like, but what if right afterwards I actually didn’t. It is just a little extra bonus that I don’t think is easy to convey on the previous option. The con for this one, is that it is obviously very boring and unappealing to look at. I can use some fun colored pens while I fill it out, but it is still boring. I’m hoping I can find something in the middle that has a little bit of both.

I like the idea of the two example above, but I want something in between. So I went onto Canva, and found this design! I like Canva because I am able to change the color scheme to whatever fits best for my style. This one I created it to match our Tutors of Life color pallet. I like the idea that I can get as creative or simple as I want on the cover and can rate the books once I am finished. The only flaw I see, is that I can only fit 9 books on a page, but I’m sure with some adjusting I can fit a few more on there.

I always enjoy scrolling through Pinterest to see what other people are using their journals for. Mine is very simple and I don’t like to get to crazy with it, since I know I won’t keep up with it. So, the third option I believe will be the best for me (with some adjusting) because I can get as creative as I want, and I can rate the books. I’ll print of few of them off, probably have one for personal development books and the other for fun books. This I will keep at my desk, so when I go to grab a new book, I will see the sheets and fill them in right away.

Find things that work for you and your style. Pinterest is a great resource because it shows you a ton a different designs and styles to fit your personality. If something doesn’t work the first time, then try another one. Let me know what are your favorite journal additions are so I can see if I can add some more things to mine.

From Your Life Tutor


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