Crystals and Tarot

I enjoy dabbling into tarot cards and crystals from time to time. I’m not super huge into it or know the meanings of everything but I’m curious if they ever apply to my day. Some of the power can come from the fact that it is putting the thought in my brain, which increases the likely hood for it to come true. I’m not one to believe that it comes from the spirits of the world or anything religious. I just like to follow it out of my own curiosity.

Crystals are different elements or compounds that come in a polished or raw rock form. Crystals are said to have energies that vary based on the type and have different healing qualities. There have been many studies on the affects of them, and some come with the conclusion of a placebo effect. Which, in reality is not a bad thing because our minds are a lot stronger than we think. We can change things about ourselves from pure thought alone. So, by putting the idea in our minds that certain crystals have these traits, then they will effect us like they say. (The power of suggestion)

Now, at my full time job we have some tarot decks at my desk. We all casually use them whenever we are bored we will draw a card. For the past month, I have drawn a card every morning and write it in my journal. Sometimes, I will think about it during the day, and other times I completely forgot. But in the future I want to start journaling about it at the end of the day to see if it compares to may day.

Before I wrote this, I did a daily tarot reading online. First, I make sure to think about “what does my day look like today.” This ensures that I am applying the card to the right subject. Today I got the Emperor card, which states “You’ll need determination and perseverance to accomplish anything of substance today.” This card is a good one for today, because it isn’t vague and I know exactly what it is telling me. There are some cards that you need to really think on how it applies to your life. Today, I know I have to get some blogs done, and some other tasks I told Shaun I was going to work on while he was gone. It is telling me that I can very easily not finish the tasks I need to today, if I don’t focus all of my energy onto what I need to do. Luckily, I have been more focused than other days and have gotten 2 out of the 5 things done so far. But, I still have more to do and need to focus my energy.

So, for me that card applied very well to my day, but it may not apply to other people. I feel like that is okay, because what if it changed someone’s perspective on the day. They could have planned to be lazy today, but then decided they wanted to clean their whole house. Or someone could just decide to do nothing since it states if you want to accomplish something you need to put in effort and if you don’t want to put in that effort you don’t have to. No matter if you believe in it or not, this thought will subconsciously be in your mind for the rest of the day.

Now, onto some crystals. Like I stated above, I dabble. I know there are a lot of different crystals out there and I was lost on where to start. So, when I got my first ones, I went to Etsy and searched for a motivating crystal set. This is something I struggle with all the time, and I knew it would be beneficial to get more motivating thoughts in my mind. The motivating set came with Tigers Eye, Carnelian, Citrine, Grey Agate and Blue Sandstone. Each of these has their own set of energies which contribute to different parts of motivation. I am not going to go in depth on what each of these does, because then this would be a story book. So, if you are curious you can look them up. Honestly, I don’t think you need to know the individual energies, as long as you know together the help with motivation.

Now, I have all of these stones next to my keyboard this whole time this morning. I am unsure if I am getting my tasks done because the power of the stones are helping me or if it is the thought in my mind that they are motivating. Either way, our minds are powerful and if you need a crystal or tarot to help push you for the day then use it! If you can just tell yourself you need to be productive today and can be then good for you. I like have the visual reminder next to me that I am motivated today and will finish the tasks at hand.

Find your source of fuel and keep pushing yourself.
From Your Life Tutor


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