The Reason Behind the Collections

If any of you listen, or watch our podcasts you will know that I have a thing for collecting items. I’m not a hoarder thankfully, but I have a few collections that peak my interest and I like to take good care of them. My main collections are Harry Potter items, books and Pokémon cards. I never thought it was weird to have collections until Shaun pointed it out to me. My whole family has their own collections of things they are interested in too, so I feel like I got it from them. So, if you are interested I’ll explain why I like those for my collections.

I’ll start with the easier one. Books. I was never a fan of reading until I was in high school, but I always wanted a library in my house. I can see the big tall brown bookshelves that have light up displays in them to house my other collections. I can feel the hominess of being able to learn or escape into another world. Books can do so many things for us as people. It can be a way for people to escape the world we are currently in if we choose to. Otherwise, it is a good tool to learn new skills or knowledge. Over the years, I have donated some of the books that I have because I don’t know when I will get my library and I don’t want to have to keep moving with them. However, there are some series that I have a connection with and know that I will read again. In a way, books are my safe space and I can always rely on them to help me in some sort of way and that is why I like to collect them.

My next big one is Harry Potter. There is a huge fan base around this world and I love it. I watched the movies growing up and once I started reading more is when I finally read the books. This world connects people all around the globe and brings all of us together to celebrate the beautiful creation of the wizarding world. It also teaches us good lessons for life. No matter how many times we fall we have to keep fighting for what is best for us and others. It inspires me to keep working towards my goals everyday even if I am tired and lazy. I love having pride in what house I am and remember the values that they encompass. Lastly, I like to have something to geek out about and embrace my inner child. I may be getting older every day, but I still want to remember the pure bliss of being a kid. Having this collection grounds me, inspires me and rejuvenates.

Lastly, I collect Pokémon cards and these one aren’t as big of a deal for me as the other things. I have moved my collection with me throughout college and into my current house. It is the same collection I have had since I was a child and I haven’t added a whole lot to it in recent years. It is a good conversation piece and another reminder of being embracing my inner child. I have never sold any of my cards, and don’t plan on it for awhile. I do have some packs that I am saving to sell in 10 years or so, but I am not an avid investors in it. Pokémon cards are my little babies that have grown up with me and I just can’t get rid of them.

All of my collections have some sort of meaning to me and they inspire me in different ways. I like to have things that will inspire me to become a better person in some way. If you have any collections, what do you like to collect and why? I want to hear from you guys!

Just remember to keep inspiring yourself and keep doing better.

From Your Life Tutor


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