Starting From The Bottom

Recently, I have thought about wanting to do a powerlifting meet again. I haven’t competed in 2.5 years and I am a little rusty at some of the movements. Shaun and I haven’t been focusing on powerlifting movements as much lately and have been doing some weightlifting mixed with bodybuilding exercises. Don’t worry, I will relate this to other parts of life further into the post.

Today, while I was working out I decided to do some deadlifts. We have done them here and there, but I wanted to make sure my form was good. I went super light weight today, and I am going to slowly work my way back up to the weight I used to be able to lift. My reason behind this today, was that I want to make sure I have a good base and don’t injury myself while I add more weight back in. The movement felt the same as it always has, but it felt good to go back to the basics of the movement.

While I was doing this workout this morning, it made me think about businesses. Most businesses start out with a foundation, it may not be at the beginning but they will slowly add blocks to form a good base after some time. These foundations can get cracks over time and need to be checked periodically. There may be some things there that don’t fit with society at the time or maybe your business has outgrown that base. In order to keep building up, you have to make sure the foundation is good so you don’t fall.

This is important to look into no matter how far in business you are. Society and businesses are always changing and growing and as entrepreneurs we need to make sure that we are adapting with those times. Shaun and I are working on a couple of different businesses and we have been slowly working on procedures to go with those businesses. This way once we start adding in employees, it will be easier to put someone in there place and let them do their job. We won’t have to try and figure it out as they are going along.

Use this in all aspects of life as well, it is never bad to brush up the basics of whatever skill, craft or career you choose to do. In many careers there are laws constantly changing that you need to be in the know about. Sometimes it is nice to do an easier craft instead of the more complicated one to give yourself a break. Take a step back and make sure your base is good and strong.

From Your Life Tutor


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