We Are a Team

If you have listened to our most recent podcast (episode 56), you will hear all of the things we have accomplished this year as a couple. It is hard for me at times to think about accomplishments, because most of them feel like they were Shaun and not me. It may be different once we are married, but for now I feel like I did nothing this past year. I have to remind myself that we are a team.

There are so many things that Shaun would have never been able to accomplish if he didn’t have me in the background supporting him. I have always made sure that I am his biggest cheerleader. Whenever he does anything outstanding, I make sure to tell him that I am proud of him. I like him to know that I will always be right there next to him no matter what decision he makes, even if it isn’t my favorite. Because in reality, it does affect me in the long run.

While we were in Nashville in October, him and I took the entire time to think about if he truly wanted to sell Stable Living. We went through all of the pros and cons, came up with multiple offers to give to Ryan. It was Shaun who had to sell the company, but WE were the ones that made the decision and came up with the terms.

There have been a few exceptions on some houses he bought without telling me, but those were deals that anyone would have taken. Otherwise, anything that could possibly be risky he will talk with me to figure out the pros and cons. Just because the businesses and rentals are in his name, doesn’t mean that I had nothing to do with them. Every great businessman needs to have someone behind them supporting them in the decisions they make. The ones thing I have loved the most about recapping this past year, is that Shaun does say that WE did all of it.

If you are with someone and they don’t support you in your future endeavors, make sure that they are the right person. Like I said, there are multiple decisions Shaun has made that aren’t my favorite, but I support him none the less. That is what a true partner should do. Shaun and I will always be a team, and we will constantly be supporting each other no matter what the battle is.

Support your friends and family in any way you can. It can go a lot further than you can imagine.

From Your Life Tutor


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