Shaun and I have talked many times about gratification. It doesn’t always have to mean receiving gratification from things, it can also mean appreciating everything around you. One thing that I have heard from many successful individuals is how everyday they write a list of things they are grateful for. I have toyed with this idea in my mind, but upon recent events have decided that it would be a beneficial thing in my life as well.

The reasoning behind this action, is to remind yourself of all the good things in your life. It reminds you to stay positive and that no matter how bad things can be, you will always have these good things in your life. This is a key feature in being an adult that I wish I would have been taught in school. It sounds silly, but when I think back to my teenage years and the phases I went through, it would have helped if I was told to remember the good things.

I was always a happy child growing up, but like most I went through a sad phase. I never showed it around my parents because they were going through a divorce and had enough on their plate. Back then I listened to a lot of emo, depressing music because I was going through hormonal changes and didn’t know how to handle it. I never hurt myself, but I had thought about it many times. The only reason I kept on going, was because of my mom. I was the only child left at home and felt obligated to keep this wonderful woman going, and it kept me going. Secretly, we were both going through big changes in our lives and were there for each other silently.

Everyday, I am so thankful that I never did anything stupid, because I could have taken another life from this world from my selfishness. One thought that has always gone through my mind is that suicide is the most selfish thing anyone can do in their lives. I know what it feels like to be at rock bottom and think that no one cares about you, but I was able to overcome that feeling. It is all a mental game, and it starts with gratification. Start thinking about every positive thing you have in your life. Living is a positive, because there are people in this world that want to keep living, but their bodies do not allow it.

So remember next time that you are at your lowest point, how can anything get worse? Who can I affect if I am not around any longer? Is there anyone, even someone distant to me that will miss my presence? Telling yourself, and reminding yourself yes to any of these questions will make you feel a little bit stronger than yesterday. If you improve that negative to a positive 1% a day, you can be a happier and better person in a short amount of time. It doesn’t take long for that 1% to compound every single day.

Appreciate the small things in your life, everyday and write them down. Look back on these things whenever you are feeling sad and it will immediately make you feel better and trust me on this one. I have had my own issues and I don’t remember the sad times nearly as much as I remember the happy ones.

Keep pushing
From Your Life Tutor


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