A Vision Board

Shaun and I have talked quite a bit in the past on visions. Every so often I feel like we are not following what we need to be doing for our vision. We have tried to set it up in 20, 10 and 3 year increments, but I forget often what we have written down. So I want to go over visions and how I am going to create a vision board.

I am a very visual person, but Shaun can hear something once and remember it (which is my worst nightmare sometimes). The first step is to create a list of anything you can dream of that you might want in 20 or 30 years. Make it as extravagant as you want! Some of the things I have on mine are that I want 20 vacation homes in different countries, largest harry potter lego collection, and a large library. At any point, if you think of something new, add it to the list. The goal for this is to reach for the stars, you should always have your goal to be higher so you keep climbing. You may never reach that point, but you could never get further if you don’t try for it. If my goal is $10,000 a month in income, in reality I could get $8000, but if my goal was $100,000 then I could get $80,000. See the difference, the higher the goal the better the outcome.

This is also where I would like to have a visual board. I want it to be a space where I can write things and put pictures of things I want in the future. Then, I will put it up in my office and look at it everyday to remind myself why I am doing what I am doing. If you need help with ideas on what you want it to look like, I highly suggest pinterest. This is my favorite website to use when I need ideas for anything creative.

The next step is to break down those big dreams, to smaller goals that need to be accomplished in 10 years. So if I want the biggest Harry Potter Lego collection, then I need to purchase have purchased every set up to that date. If I want to have 20 vacation rentals in different countries, then i should have between 7-10 in 10 years. This is just a way to check in with yourself and see if you are going in the right direction. Same with this, you can add them when you add your 20 years dreams.

Finally, make a 3 year goal list. This should be where you really break things down. Split up your 10 year goals even further down. I will have 3 vacation homes, or I will have 30 lego sets. With these goals, you should be able to think about what you need to do daily, weekly and monthly to obtain those 3 year goals you created. Break it down as far as you can to help yourself achieve those big dreams you want to have in 20 years.

When you are working everyday towards your 3 year goals, remember to look at your vision board or list and remind yourself why you are doing those things.

Work hard and play hard

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