Fear and Anxiety

Everyone has a fear of something that you know, weather it be from heights or losing someone close to you. Anxiety comes from an unknown threat, for example being scared walking down a dark street alone. Fear and anxiety makes our bodies have the flight or fight response, you have to choose if you want to go back into your comfort zone or to try and conquer it. By making the path past that fear one time, can make the next time that fear pops up much easier. Start using these fears and anxieties to push yourself to do great things.

Right now, I believe many people are very fearful for what could happen in our futures. Technology is increasing exponentially, the US is a very divided county on its views, plus we are coming to an end of a global pandemic that people are divided on as well. We as adults are pretty lost at what can happen in the next year, five years or ten years, and this is causing people to be anxious. This anxiety and fear should be pushing us all forward into our fight response and not cowering back into our own comfort zones. As people, we should be working towards bettering our futures and trying to make it a known instead of an unknown.

When I went to Hawaii, I was very anxious of surfing. Every time I thought about it, I would get cramps in my stomach, so bad that I had a hard time eating. I pushed myself anyways, because what was the worst that could happen. I was attached to a floating board and we were in pretty shallow waters. After riding my first wave, I was hooked. It was the greatest feeling, I was able to conquer that anxiety and have one of the best times of my life. Honestly, it was the highlight of my entire trip and I am so proud of myself for what I was able to accomplish. So, by pushing past the unknown feeling of ‘what could happen’, I was able to learn a new skill. The feeling of conquering that anxiety was so exhilarating as well. It reminded me that I can do anything as long as I try and if I stop be scared of the what ifs.

On the other hand, we also went cliff jumping. This time, I did not participate, but that is because I am not a strong swimmer and could have gotten seriously injured. This is a fear for me, because it stems from a situation I had as a kid. When I was little, I almost drowned at one of my friend’s birthday parties because I was trapped under a floating snake that a bunch of kids were sitting on. To this day, I struggle at times to put my head underwater. If I wanted to conquer this fear, I could take swimming lessons, which would help me survive if I ever have to be in deep water. Maybe someday down the road I will do it, but as of right now it doesn’t affect me that much, so I don’t see a need.

The problem is, is that we can’t be letting the fears and anxieties let us miss out on life. There are so many wonderful places to go to, skills to learns, jobs to take, etc. Our options are endless on what we can and want to do, but if you let these emotions control your life, are you even living? Everyday, I have a fear that I will get a call saying someone close to me has passed away, but I don’t let that fear stop me. Life keeps going on, it may be sad to think about, but it does. Life doesn’t stop just because someone you know has passed away. You have to celebrate the time that you were able to have with them. If you are afraid you didn’t spend enough time with them, then go and spend time with them while they are living.

I think about this in many ways in my life. I know that dogs don’t have a long lifespan, so I make sure that almost everyday I spend time with Mimi. Shaun and I like to make sure that she has a fun, and fulfilled life with the time she has with us. I am going to be super sad when the time comes, but that can be ten years from now. I can have so many great and amazing memories with her in that time.

I am concerned for our future,, because we letnour fears and anxieties rule over our lives. Right now, people are filled with fear and anxiety, and it is the time to do something about it. If there is something going on right now that you don’t like, then do something about it. Are you afraid to tell your spouse you bought $100 in legos, then go tell them because they will find out and it will only end up worse when they find out. It my opinion, anxiety has been created to slow us down as people. To not think about what is going on around us and question weather things are right or wrong.

One of my college professors told me that the best way to control a country is to keep the population uneducated and scared. I don’t want to be one of those people that are uneducated or scared. So at least once a week I try to do something that I am anxious about or scared of, just to remind myself that I can do it. Write down a list of fears and anxieties, and see what you are able to conquer on that list. Cross them as you go along, and remind yourself that you can do it. Nothing can hold you back (within reason, still follow the law).

I do recognize, that there are people with extreme cases of anxiety. But, this is becoming a condition in the US that is increasing, and I worry it is because we do not push ourselves past those fears and anxieties. Some great business man that I can not remember said in order to be successful you must make your self uncomfortable to do it. You have to put yourself out there to do great things. I believe that as people we can break through these fears and anxieties, but you need to recognize first that you do not want to be controlled by them anymore.

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