6th & 7th-12 Week Goals

We decided to post pone last weeks updates, because there wasn’t much to report on. We have been slowly picking away at some things, but wedding planning has not gone how we wanted it to. We had to start over with our location, because while we were in the process of booking it, they told us all of the rules and restriction that were not listed else where. So, that has been a fun to deal with and start over. Other than that, our business goals have been going steady.

Personal Goal:
2/14-Main house booked and make guest list on spreadsheet
2/21-Engagement photos done.
Obviously, as stated above we have had some hiccups with booking our location, so I have moved that deadline to be done by 3/7. I started to make the guest list on our wedding website, but stopped due to the venue situation. I have it scheduled for tomorrow night. We did get our engagement photos taken this weekend. After having to postpone them for three weeks due to the weather being in the negatives. So that is done and checked off.

Sam’s Business Goal:
2/14-Plan for when to revise posts
2/21-Create a joint Instagram
I have scheduled in my planner every Wednesday to review at least one blog post. I created a joint Instagram for us to use, conveniently called Tutors of Life! Go check it out, we will post updates of things in our life or with the blog and podcast on there!

Shaun’s Business Goal:
2/14-Review how to’s
2/21-Enter more tasks into the CRM
I wasn’t able to finish my first task by the 14th, so I doubled down last week and was able to accomplish both in one week. It was nice to be able to make these tasks smaller, so if I don’t get the task one week, it isn’t hard to catch up the following week.

Shaun and I are still liking the 12 week goal aspect of being able to split it up into smaller tasks. We are still hoping to have our wedding planned by the end of it. We will be updating every other week for the rest of the 12 weeks, unless something major with wedding plans happen.

Your Life Tutors
-Shaun and Sam


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