5th-12 Week Goal

Today is February 7th and we have finished our 5th week of our goals! This week was an interesting one to think about, because in some aspects we have gone backwards a little bit. I am hoping next week we will have more fun updates for all of you!

Our Personal Goal: Ask our wedding party/ordainer.
Sooooo, I might have decided to change where are wedding will be located. We started booking the place we wanted and they told us the restrictions we would have with that location. It wasn’t even that specific location, it was Florida beaches in general are very restrictive. We decided that we are going to do it in a different state, and are starting over the research process on that. We were able to ask the majority of our wedding party to join us on our big day. This week I plan on trying to figure out more of the details, so we can really get down and dirty and start booking vendors.
We did however find Shaun’s suit, so that was an easy step to check off of the list.

Sam’s Business Goal:
I have been changing my goals around quite a bit, because we now added a podcast to our website repertoire. We have been working on that and I have been slacking on my website duties. Last week, I did get a little planner that I can write down what posts and podcasts we have coming out, and to make sure they are done ahead of time.
We have started a notebook with our show notes for our podcast to keep ourselves on track.

Shaun’s Business Goal: Review four how-to’s.
I was able to do some extra work this week and get 6 reviews done on how-to’s. This was good, because the faster I can get these out to our staff, the sooner these instructions can be taught to our staff.

So far, this still has been my favorite way to accomplish any goal. These posts would be more interesting if we had more to do that we could physically show you. Next week, I will add some fun wedding updates as long as I don’t change my plans again.

Your Life Tutors
-Shaun and Sam


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