In life we have to communicate with others. It can be in person, over the phone, emails, or texts. We should be communicating every single day, and it seems to be the one major struggle people have in life. This ability is a big step to having successful relationships, in business or in personal life.

Communication has always been a must for me as a person. I naturally want to tell the people around me what is going on in my life. Everyday, I come home and tell Shaun about my day. Throughout the night, I will tell him almost every single detail that happened. It is a craving for me to share it with him. Usually, when I get to work I will talk to my co-workers about things that happen at home (not in as much detail as I do with Shaun). It is apart of my life and that is what makes me happy.

Communication does not come naturally to most people, and Shaun is one of those people. He has always struggled with it, and at times it can hinder our relationship. He knows this and has to work on it everyday in order to satisfy me and improve our relationship. I believe that if I am marrying someone, they are my best friend and I should be able to share everything with them. So that is what I do with Shaun.

If you are in a relationship with someone, you should be communicating about everything. Where you see yourself in 2, 5, 10, 20 years, what your goals and aspirations are, things that bother you about the other person, what you like and do not like about other couples you see, what your financial goals are, if you want kids or not, and so much more. By doing this, you and your partner can always be on the same page with each other. You do not have to agree on everything, you just have to understand your partner. The more you communicate about daily things, the more successful your relationships will be.

One major part that I have discovered is to always tell the truth and not to omit anything, because no matter what, they will find out eventually. Either I can’t keep a secret long enough, or things don’t add up. It’s easier to come out with everything right away then to wait until later. There is no better time then right now.

Here are some of my favorite tips for better communication:
-Always be honest
-Use eye contact
-Body Language (do not cross your arms)
-Express your feelings (no feeling has no reason behind it)
-Own what is yours
-Try to see their point of view
-Don’t be reactive
-Listen more than you talk
-Look for a compromise
-Take a time out if needed
-Try to understand, not be right

The hardest part is starting the conversation, get uncomfortable and do it. If you are unable to talk about things with your partner then you will never be happy with that partner. Once again, if you can’t tell your partner almost anything then what is the point of being with them (in my opinion).

You can use the tips above in the workplace as well. Life should be enjoyable, not a burden. Yes, we need jobs to survive, but there are ways to make those jobs more enjoyable. You can communicate your problems or concerns to a supervisor. You can become friends with some of your co-workers and discover that you enjoy being with the people you work with. Communicating can help you feel better, especially if you are having positive conversations.

The more you communicate the healthier you will be and the healthier your relationships will be. You do not have to tell people everything but if there is something paining your mind, it is good to talk about it and get it out of your head. Communication is great for your mental health and the more you utilize it the greater possibility you have for reaching a better mental state.

Work on being a better communicator everyday. That does not mean, talk more, that means, having meaningful conversations with others to better both parties.

Shaun and I have some good conversations every now and again, and we want people to hear what we have to say and not just read it. So, listen to the Tutors of Life Podcast! They will be releasing every Monday starting January 25th, 2021!

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