4th-12 Week Goal

Today is February 2nd, we are one day late of posting since we were on vacation until yesterday. But yesterday was the last day of our 4th week, and progress has slowed down. Not in a bad way, but only because that is where we are at in our goals.

Our Personal Goal: Book an engagement photographer and make a timeline for to-dos for everyone.
We have had our wedding photographer booked out for a few weeks now, and it is going to be our wonderful friend Abby. She lives in the twin cities, and we thought that would be a fun place to have them done.
I don’t like to make excuses, but Shaun and I did go on vacation this past week. I forgot to pack my notebook with my goals in it, and I didn’t remember what the second part was. So this week we will be working on that part along with the next goal.

Sam’s Business Goal: Set up a process for responses.
Once again, I forgot my notebook and couldn’t remember what it was. This week I plan on working on that. I will probably have a document with premade responses, so I will be able to copy and paste and modify if I need.

Shaun’s Business Goal: 2 hours on the CRM
Sam and I were on vacation for most of the week. Usually I work while I am on vacation, but we decided to keep ourselves busy and forget about work for once. This week I will be doubling up on my goals.

From Your Life Tutors
-Shaun and Sam


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