3rd-12 Week Goal

Today is January 24th, and we finished our 3rd week. After last week, we finished planning all of our 12 week goals. I also decided to postpone all of our wedding goals by one week.

Our Personal Goal: Get wedding website set up, and order dress swatches.
I was able to get most of our website done, but I want to wait to release it until we have our engagement photos done. Once those are done, we basically can paste those on there and call it a day.
I ordered a ton of dress color swatches from a company called Azazie, which sells bridesmaid dresses for a reasonable price. After I ordered them, I was able to decide on the wedding colors being navy and dusty sage.
This week was pretty easy, but we are one step closer to completing our wedding planning.

Sam’s Business Goal: Plan out future posts.
I was able to come up with quite a few ideas for what I want Shaun and I to write about the next couple of weeks. He was super excited by this, because now he can prepare himself on what he wants to talk about.

Shaun’s Business Goal: Have Stable Living’s Systems complete to introduce a VA

My two tasks for the week were to review 4 how-to’s and finish my resident portfolios in the CRM. I completed both things as I needed to do. The third week went well, I am getting the hang of the process, and it is flowing well. Looking forward to my two tasks I have set for next week.

From your life Tutors
-Shaun and Sam


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