Fire Starter

How often have you been fueled by anger? You get the feeling of a fire in your stomach and you push harder to accomplish the task you have your eyesight set on. There are moments in my life that I am just so fueled by the need to prove a point. If someone says that you aren’t what you think you are, then you will push harder to make them wrong. What if you could feel the fuel all of the time? But instead of having short bursts of it, you keep it going.

I know one of my issues is the fact that I don’t keep my fuel burning slowly. I like to throw gasoline on it and then let the fire die out and put more on later. Instead, I should just have a propane tank slowly releasing gas to have a little flame burning at all times. This would help me not feel like a piece of shit when I stop doing the things I need to. Instead, I cold be slowly working on everything over time, and come out ahead. You just need to make sure you stay motivated and have a good reason behind that motivation.

Having a reason to prove a point isn’t bad for motivation, but you need to make sure it is a good reason. You can even have your long term goal be to prove a point, which would help you keep going slower and longer. But you have to make sure the reason is for something you believe in, not because someone told you to. Recently at my work, we were told we needed to get more product on the shelves for Christmas time. So, that helped me get a little fire in me and get more work done in the past week. Obviously, that is a goal with an end date, but it help spark that fire.

A long term example would be if growing up I told everyone I was going to become rich, and everyone around told me I wouldn’t. Well, guess what I’m going to work that much harder now to become rich. BUT I have to make sure that there are other reasons besides the money. If money is your fuel, then you will become greedy and that is never good. If you want to become rich, so you can help people in third world countries, then that gives you a better reason to become rich.

Honestly, what is going to help you with all of this is having a vision and habits that work you towards that vision. If you have those big end goals and can see them in your mind, then you will keep that fire running through your veins. Just remember to make it something that keeps the flame going at all times, and when you need to or want to you can turn it up a little, but don’t let that flame die out in you.

Keep Pushing
From Your Life Tutor

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