Just Relax

In today’s society with all of the electronics and fast paced world, we don’t focus enough of relaxing or slowing down. I was driving home from work, which is only 10 minutes long, but I kept having people flying past me. I was already go 5 mph over the speed limit, and I couldn’t help but wonder why they were in such a hurry.

There have been times when I am running late to work and I try to speed up, but if I do it will only save me 1 minute of time. Instead, I would rather take that minute to enjoy my morning drive to work. As soon as we start rushing things, we forget to relax. We only have a limited time on this Earth and we might as well try to enjoy every minute of it. I have noticed that it feels like the years have been going by faster, but it is because we are constantly rushing through everything and not taking the time to relax and enjoy.

I have to remind myself to do this when I am a substitute for my mom’s bowling league. I like to rush into throwing the ball, but if I took my time I would throw more strikes. Now, I make sure I take a breath in, and blow it out before I even start to throw it down the lane. It has helped me focus on what I am doing. Otherwise, I have so many other thoughts and worries going on that I don’t even think about throwing the ball correctly.

Thinking on all of this has reminded me that I would like to start meditation. It helps you focus your mind and control your thoughts. In my opinion, when my thoughts are controlled, my days go by slower and I am able to plan out my days more effectively. When my thoughts are everywhere, I start on one project and go to the next before it is even finished. If they were under control more, I would be able to finish my task before moving to the next and being more efficient.

Lastly, just breath. We all plan too much in one day, stress out too much and are just full of anxiety. Breath, work yourself through it. Everyone has gone through similar situations or are understanding of the one you are in. Stop caring about things you did in the past and start to move forward and make yourself better. Start relaxing and enjoying the good and bad parts of life. We all get one life and we might as well enjoy as much of it as we can.

From Your Life Tutor


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