Everyone has heard and understands what commitment means. Usually, we use it when talking about relationships or jobs, but today we will be apply it to goals. There are many different aspects in life that you can be committed to. For example the gym, your favorite coffee shop, or even learning. You can be committed to anything you want as long as you are focused and be consistent with it.

The definition of commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. A person with a higher commitment level is goal oriented and gets focused on the task at hand. Theses types of people are able to set goals and make measurable promises to get what they need done. If you have this higher commitment level, more people will come to you with a project or task because they know that you will get it done if you accept it.

People with a lower commitment level have a harder time succeeding and prioritizing tasks and objectives. You get distracted easier from the task at hand and struggle to finish tasks. These types of people have a much harder time succeeding in life. There is a possibility that they can, but it will be an uphill battle the entire time.

One of the differences between these types of people is the ability to create habits and order in your life. To follow through with your commitments, you have to begin with your habits and organization. If you schedule out your day, and put in time to do the task you need to then you are more likely to get it done. When Shaun and I plan out our weeks ahead of time and don’t let chance decide what we are going to do, then we are way more productive and don’t fall into the trap of distractions. Put in your weekly schedule when you are going to workout, fill out your budget, or whatever it may be that you need to do. These will ensure that you do the task you want to and you don’t sit down and watch TV instead. Once you begin building these habits and routines, then it become easier to do the task at hand.

Control and commitment go hand in hand and when put together it is the resilience part of mental toughness. Resilience is the ability to be able to bounce back from setbacks and get back on track quickly. Sometimes you need to reassess what you are doing and build your confidence back up. By using the habits and routines, you can get set small goals and boost your confidence once you complete those. Then you are able to return to your original path with a boost of motivation to continue going.

It is okay to get off track for a little bit, but you have to use your control and commitment to the task to get back into it as soon as possible. Give yourself small wins so you get your confidence and motivation back and go full steam ahead. Having mental toughness doesn’t mean you don’t have failures, it just shows how quickly you can recover from those failures.

Keep pushing yourself
From Your Life Tutor


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