What Do We Look Like From the Outside

For anyone that has been reading multiple blogs by us. I bet you are wondering if we actually do all of the things we have been telling our readers to do. For the most part, YES! Shaun and I are very simple people, and work hard for our future.

We start off our days by getting up at 5:30 am, and we will read a personal growth book. This is a good way to ease your mind into the work day. Every week we meal prep our lunches twice and make our dinner fresh that night, unless we know we have something going on. We don’t eat fast food or go to restaurants often, and frankly they don’t taste good anymore. We work out 3-4 times a week and go to bed around 9pm every night. We don’t go out and party a lot, and we like to just come home and chill with our dog, Mimi.

Shaun and I know that taking care of ourselves is more important than anything else. You only have 1 body and 1 brain in your life, so I am going to make sure that it feel the greatest that it can. Our workouts aren’t hard, but we make sure we sweat and work all of the muscles throughout the week.

We both have our day time jobs and we work hard at those too! Then we make sure that a couple of nights a week we are working on Tutors of Life. During the day, Shaun spends most of his time on real estate. He will go looking for new deals, or working on the houses we have currently. This is why we talk about it so much, because it is a big part of our lives, and it will be for awhile.

Shaun and I are constantly learning how to live our best lives and do the things that we truly want to do forever. We have the time now to work hard and we want to make sure our future life is going to be a breeze no matter what happens. And I am not saying don’t do anything fun or over work yourselves. Just put in a couple of extra hours a week on something you really like doing.

Overall, we are not perfect but we are happy with where we are in lives and we want to work hard to help some one out in the world. Let us know what things you would like us to tutor you on in the future.

From your life Tutor


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