2nd-12 Week Goal

Today is January 17th, 2021 and we have completed our 2nd week out of 12. Overall, there are steps I will be doing differently in the next set of 12 weeks. One step is making sure that all of the weeks are planned out ahead of time. I had an idea of all of the things I wanted to do, but in the end I discovered that they wouldn’t take me all 12 weeks. Shaun discovered as well that his goals each week were too big and he needed to divide them up more to accomplish his goal in the 12 weeks. My 2nd observation is, it is good to be flexible on when to accomplish goals. I was able to accomplish a different goal this week, and not the one I planned on. Which, I am okay with, I decided to switch the order up.

Our personal goal: We planned on getting our wedding website up and running and to look at how we want to ask our wedding party to be apart of our wedding.

We weren’t really able to start the wedding website, because honestly, we were lazy. I wanted to do it on Saturday, but instead relaxed all day since it was my birthday.

Instead, I was able to buy my wedding dress! This was a huge step for me, and a lot easier than I was expecting. I am a very indecisive person, so I was impressed I chose one so quickly. This was slotted for February 7th, so I’m not sure if we will just postpone the next goals a week, or switch them. I will update next week.

Shaun and I were able to look up some gifts to give to our wedding party to ask them to join us. Shaun ordered his, but I have not yet.

Sam’s Business Goal: Schedule posting dates and who should post when.

So I decided that this blog will post Thursday’s and Sunday’s and my personal blog will post every other Tuesday.
Thursday’s blogs will switch between Shaun and I, and I will post on my personal blog on my off weeks of this blog. This way, I will give myself time to write what I want to write and not overwork myself. Our Sunday posts won’t be a forever thing, but for now it will always be updates on our goals.

Shaun’s Business Goal: Have Stable Living’s Systems complete to introduce a VA

My two tasks for the week were to review 4 how-to’s and spend 4 hours on the CRM. I Reviewed my 4 how-to’s, made corrections to them, and sent them back to be adjusted. Overall that process went well. After working on the CRM for an hour and a half, I realized I was getting a lot better at navigating the CRM. If I continue to spend 4 hours on the CRM a week, I will run out of stuff to do on it within the first 4 weeks. I decided to drop my time spent on the CRM to 2 hours a week. This will allow me to slowly update it and spread it out over the 12 weeks.

From your life Tutors
-Shaun and Sam


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