Introduce Yourself

Shaun and I are here to get our knowledge out to the world. We hope that this can be a platform to help people improve or expand on certain aspects of their lives. Shaun favors finances and the business world. I prefer talking about life, health and other various topics.

Why are we doing this?

  • We banter with each other all day long, and want a place for others to listen and maybe even learn from our discussions.
  • We want to help someone out there, whether it be financial issues or life issues.

We don’t want people to treat this like a bible and do everything we say or suggest. If you find something helpful here, take it and adapt it to your life, in whatever way you wish. All of our thoughts and words can be interpreted to suit the needs of each person or persons, if they so choose. We hope you find that it’s a good reference tool.

We also want this to be a place for people to suggest other ideas, or talk about the changes they have made in their lives. We’d love to hear your feedback, positive or negative, within reason.

This page will probably change over time. Shaun and I are still young and are learning and growing every day. We are here to share our ideas and thoughts, but we also know they may not always be a good fit for every one, every time.

We want to discuss things that our readers want to learn or read about. If you have a suggestion, let us know. Thank you for finding our page, and we hope there is something you can find here that you like.

One last thing, Shaun and I have a wonderful pup named Mimi. So be prepared for us to talk about her or post a lot of pictures of her.

Your life Tutor (soon to be)



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