My first week of productivity

On episode 64 of our podcast, released on Monday 01/31/2022, Sam and I talk about our struggles and it made me realize I need to focus. I put a bunch of tasks and activities on my schedule every week and I never reach or accomplish them. What I am doing is lying to myself everyContinue reading “My first week of productivity”

Habit Tracker

Have you often thought you are accomplishing a lot? Your day seems so busy and it feels like you get a lot done throughout the day, then you sit down to write out exactly what you accomplished, and realize, it is not very impressive. I recently started using a habit tracker. I decided to useContinue reading “Habit Tracker”

The Month Of Preparation

In previous blogs, I have mentioned that there are a many things that I would like to get done by the beginning of the year. I hate the idea that you have to start new things on the first of the year. It is a good point of reference, but it just makes it soContinue reading “The Month Of Preparation”