The third C of mental toughness is challenge which is your drive and adaptability. Challenges is about embracing change and pushing your boundaries when necessary. You need to accept risk and see all outcomes good or bad. There needs to be great physical or mental effort put in to be done successfully and can testContinue reading “Challenge”

What is House Hacking

House hacking is a technique, where someone buys a property to live in and rents out portions of the property to bring down their cost of living. A high majority of people have done a level of house hacking before. An example would be, living with a roommate during college to bring the cost ofContinue reading “What is House Hacking”

Mental Strength

Right now, there is a challenge going around called 75 hard. If you haven’t heard it, then look it up because there are some neat elements to it. I have seen a lot of people posting about trying it, but doing their own version. It angers me a little bit on the inside every time,Continue reading “Mental Strength”

Managing People to Manage Themselves

Earlier this week I talked about managing with positive reinforcement. Keeping people happy and empowered, creates a better work environment, helps them be more productive, and creates more loyal coworkers. This is a very effective way to manage. Recently I have been learning about adding in steps that I have used in the past unconsciously.Continue reading “Managing People to Manage Themselves”

The Smallest Steps Can Change Your World

Right now, I just started reading the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. I’m only 60 pages in, and he has some of the best advice for how to change your habits. I have read multiple books that describe how to become more productive, but none have gone as in depth as James Clear. SoContinue reading “The Smallest Steps Can Change Your World”

Managing with Positive Reinforcement

Anyone can manage someone else, you check up on them, let them know what they are doing right or wrong. Its too easy, the difficult part is giving constructive criticism if you are not an assertive person. If you’re an introvert instead of an extrovert, it may be harder to manage at first but itContinue reading “Managing with Positive Reinforcement”

Having a Support System

The power of having a support system is immeasurable. Having friends, family, colleagues to fall back on, when things get tough, is a powerful thing to have. No matter who you are, you will have set backs or let downs in life. Navigating these times are easier with a support system. Having individuals who believeContinue reading “Having a Support System”