House Hacking

Have you ever lived with a roommate? Maybe owned a duplex, triplex, 4plex, or other multi-family building and lived in one unit and rented the other? If you have or you know someone who has, that is considered house hacking. The basics of house hacking is, you own a property and you utilize other individualsContinue reading “House Hacking”

Don’t Set Too High of Standards

As I progress in the realm of entrepreneurship, I realize the dangers of setting high standards (at least at first). This is a type of perfectionist technique which may inhibit you from starting or progressing. If you listen to people around you talk about “what they really want to do” for a career or theirContinue reading “Don’t Set Too High of Standards”

Starting From The Bottom

Recently, I have thought about wanting to do a powerlifting meet again. I haven’t competed in 2.5 years and I am a little rusty at some of the movements. Shaun and I haven’t been focusing on powerlifting movements as much lately and have been doing some weightlifting mixed with bodybuilding exercises. Don’t worry, I willContinue reading “Starting From The Bottom”

Focusing On The Big Picture

My brother and I were talking today about feeling useless at work. The past week, him and I have been running around trying to keep the individuals we have working with us busy. We have been looking at more projects, which paid off because we got a property under contract today. We have been doingContinue reading “Focusing On The Big Picture”

The Power of Job Coaches

For the past couple years, I wanted to get a mentor or a job coach. I have heard really great things about job coaches from friends who have them and I thought it would help progress me personally and in business. I kept my eyes open but did not search diligently for one. Then RyanContinue reading “The Power of Job Coaches”

Mental Toughness Evaluation

If you have been following along in my blogs for the past 5 weeks, I have been talking about mental toughness and breaking it down. After everything I learned, I wanted to see where Shaun and I are for mental toughness. We took this quiz 20 question quiz (since it was free) and got ourContinue reading “Mental Toughness Evaluation”